How did we get here?

The idea for our brand MUCA first came to us at a time when we were preparing to have our own baby and could not find a diaper bag that both had the visual design and the functionality we had in mind. So we thought maybe we could create a fun line of luxury diaper bags which do not compromise style for function, can be worn as a backpack and is compact yet has a spacious interior. We had the idea to create a bag that everyone, not just parents, would be proud to call their own and most of all that had a personal ‘touch’.

With this in mind, we created our first collection, Gogi. We poured our love for design and art into a diaper bag collection that stands out not just with the functionality of its products but also with its color variety and hand-made watercolor illustrations that feels personal to its users.

We know your baby is more important to you than anything and anyone.
We want you to know that you are important too.


What is it?

GOGI is designed for parents with style who refuse to make the compromise between fashion and much needed function. With its spacious interior, GOGI can hold your baby’s every need, perfect for on-the-go parent. The collection’s wide range of color and hand-made watercolor illustrations aim to satisfy every taste and preference. Our purpose is to give adults who prefer casual chicness the option to carry a design that suits their style. Made especially as a light-weight backpack, GOGI distrubutes your body weight equally and you can carry your baby more freely. The shoulder straps are cotton webbed so they don’t hurt your shoulders. As a chic and functional diaper bag, GOGI has eight internal and external pockets. Also included in the product set are insulated bottle bag BOBI, clipped pacifier bag MINI and AGU patterned changing pad TOTO.

GOGI is also an alternative backpack for the tasteful adult with no baby. The MINI can be used as a coin purse, an earphone pod, or to carry cosmetics such as a chopstick or contact lens case. You can wander about the city while BOBI keeps drinks hot or cold as you wish. If you don’t like the AGU assigned to your choice of bag color, switch your velcro patch with the one that you like most and there, the illustration of your favorite animal will be with you all day long. Dynamic, practical and fun, GOGI will make both your and your baby’s life easier and cater for all tastes. You can use MUCA branded bags and their accessories safely as they are phtalate-free.


Who did it?

Deniz Arpacı was born in Istanbul in 1985. She studied art history and Italian at the University of Richmond then she moved to Los Angeles where she studied film making. After living in the United States for six years, she moved back home to Istanbul in 2008 and began her career in the advertisement industry as an assistant director, working mostly on tv commercials. After giving birth to her baby Can, she chose to stop working on sets to take care of him which gave her time to go back to an old hobby of hers, watercoloring. With MUCA now, her hope is to design and produce products that give her joy and share it with parents who deserve it so much.